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Frequently Asked Questions

Easy GIS .NET Desktop Edition

Can I use the desktop edition for free in comercial software development?

- Yes. You can use the desktop edition royalty free in commercial desktop applications provided you adhere to the GNU LGPL requirements. See the GNU Lesser General Public License for more details.

How do I draw a custom symbol showing a location on the EGIS.Controls.SFMap control?

- You can add a PaintEvent handler to the control and perform your own custom drawing. See Code Example 5 in the Developer Resources Example Code and API Reference section.

What Shapefile types are supported in Easy GIS .NET?

- Currently the Easy GIS .NET shapefile library supports Point, PointZ, Polygon, PolygonZ, PolyLine, PolyLineM, MultiPoint and MultiPointZ shape types.

Easy GIS .NET Web Edition

I am using the EGIS.Web.Controls.SFMap control, but when the page loads in a web-browser I receive a "no map found" error message. What is the problem?

- This problem ocurrs if you forget to add a reference in the web.config <httpHandlers> section for the map control.

    <add path="egismap.axd" verb="*"
    EGIS.Web.Controls, Culture=neutral,
    validate="true" />
    <add path="egismaptiled.axd" verb="*"
    EGIS.Web.Controls, Culture=neutral,
    PublicKeyToken=05b98c869b5ffe6a" validate="true"/>

For a complete example of using the EGIS.Web.Controls.SFMap control please see Web Example 1 in the Developer Resources Example Code and API Reference section.

I updated my website to use the latest version of Easy GIS .NET Web Edition and I receive an error stating "Could not load file or assembly 'EGIS.Web.Controls, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=05b98c869b5ffe6a'" How do I fix this error?

- To fix the error you need to update the version of map handler in the web.config <httpHandlers> section to "Version="


Do I still need a license key for the Web Edition of Easy GIS .NET?

-No. The Web Edition of Easy GIS .NET is released under the LGPL. You can use the Web Edition in personal or commercial web pages free of charge provided you adhere to to the GNU LGPL requirements. More info

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