Public classConversionFunctions
Utility class containing static methods to calculate the distance between points and convert projections
Public classCustomRenderSettingsUtil
Utility factory class which creates ICustomRenderSettings objects
Public classDbfReader
A DBF Reader class, providing direct access to record data within a DBF file, with low memory useage.
Public classDbfWriter
a DBF File Writer class
Public classEllipsoid
Simple class that encapsulates the parameters defining an Ellipsoid
Public classGeometryAlgorithms
Collection of 2D Geometry algorithms
Public classLatLongProjection
Public classMapProjectionCreator
Public classMercatorProjection
Public classRenderSettings
Encapsulates settings used when rendering a ShapeFile
Public classShapeFile
.NET ShapeFile class used to load, render and query data in an ESRI Shape File. The ShapeFile class is the main class of the EGIS.ShapeFileLib namespace
Public classShapeFileEnumerator
ShapeFile enumerator used to enumerate the raw data of each shape in a shapeFile. The ShapeFileEnumerator provides a fast, low memory, forward only means of iterating over all of the records in a shapefile.
Public classShapeFileWriter
.NET ShapeFile Writer utility class which provides the ability to create or edit shapefiles from .NET applications.
Public classSizeDConverter
Converts SizeD objects from one type to another.
Public classTileUtil
Utility class with methods to convert Lat Long locations to Tile Coordinates


Public structureDbfFieldDesc
Describes a single field in a DBF file, including the name of the field, the DbfFieldType and the length of the field
Public structureDbfFileHeader
Struct representing the contents of the main header of a DBF file. The main header stores version number, modification date, the number of fields in each record and a description of each field in a record. For a more detailed description of the main header of a DBF file refer to the DBF File Format techincal description
Public structureLatLongCoordinate
struct used to store a Lat Long Coordinate. Used in ConversionFunctions
Public structurePointD
Represents an ordered pair of double-precision floating-point x- and y-coordinates that defines a point in a two-dimensional plane.
Public structurePolylineDistanceInfo
Encapsulates point from polyline distance information
Public structureRectangleD
Stores a set of four double-precision floating-point numbers that represent the location and size of a rectangle.
Public structureSizeD
Stores an ordered pair of double-precision floating-point numbers, typically the width and height of a rectangle.
Public structureUtmCoordinate
struct used to store a UTM Coordinat. Used in ConversionFunctions


Public interfaceICustomRenderSettings
The ICustomRenderSettings allows applying custom render settings to a shapefile layer
Public interfaceIMapProjection


Public enumerationDbfFieldType
Specifies the type of a field in a DBF file
Public enumerationLineSegmentSide
Public enumerationLineType
Enumeration defining a LineType when rendering PolyLine ShapeFiles
Public enumerationProjectionType
Public enumerationRenderQuality
Enumeration to indicate render quality.
Public enumerationShapeFileEnumerator..::..IntersectionType
Defines how shapes will be evaluated when moving to the next record when enumerating through a shapefile. Intersects (the default) evaluates shapes that intersect with the Extent of the ShapeFileEnumerator. Contains evaluates shapes that fit entirely within the Extent of the ShapeFileEnumerator.
Public enumerationShapeType
Enumeration representing a ShapeType. Currently supported shape types are Point, PolyLine, Polygon and PolyLineM