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Demo 1
This Demo shows an example Easy GIS .NET project loaded in a web page. The project was created in the desktop version of Easy GIS .NET and then loaded in an EGIS.Web.Controls TiledSFMap Web Control.
Note that the map looks and behaves the same in both the desktop and web version of the TiledSFMap control.

The TiledSFMap control divides the map up into 256x256 sized tiles using an approach similar to Google maps and Bing Maps. The map tiles are cached on both the server and client side, providing fast zoom and pan when navigating around the map.

- To interact with the map, use the pan/zoom control or use the mouse and mouse wheel to pan and zoom.
Map Information

This map displays the entire road network in the state of Victoria, Australia*.
The ambulance symbols displayed when zoomed in are the locations of serious car accidents that have ocurred between the years of 1998 - 2002.

* Map data sourced from VicRoads CrashStats web site and the Australian Bureau of Statistics Census data