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Demo 2
This Demo shows another Easy GIS .NET project loaded and run in a web page. The project was created in the desktop version of Easy GIS .NET and then loaded in an EGIS.Eeb.Controls SFMap Web Control. Note that the map looks and behaves the same in both the desktop and web version of the SFMap control.

Map generated by Easy GIS .NET. []

- To interact with the map, use the pan/zoom control or use the mouse and mouse wheel to pan and zoom.
Map Information

The displayed map is a map of Melbourne, Australia. The map data was sourced from the Australian Government GeoScience Australia Website*, and consists of 17 layers, including local roads, railways, reserves, lakes and rivers.

* This Map incorporates Data which is Copyright Commonwealth of Australia 2005. The Data has been used with the permission of the Commonwealth. The Commonwealth has not evaluated the data as altered and incorporated within Easy GIS .NET, and therefore gives no warranty regarding its accuracy, completeness, currency or suitability for any particular purpose.